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Questions for Readers and Interviewers

When you're reading any of my stories, here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

1. How about the setting?
I love the Arkansas Ozarks and that's where my novels are set, but how do you feel about the settings in my novels, or in the novel you just read? Did you "see" the places in your mind? Would you enjoy visiting there? Did you realize that the settings are actual places, and--if you wished--you could follow plot events while using each of my books as a tour guide?

2. The characters?
Did you like the people in my books? Could you identify with them, and, perhaps, understand them and their motives? Would you enjoy sitting down to chat with any or all of them? Did they, at times, seem real to you?

3. The plot--scary?
I assume, by choosing to read one or more of my novels, that you like mysteries, or, if not specifically mysteries, that you enjoy and understand the Ozarks. Did you enjoy following the puzzle and problems in each book? Were you intrigued by the plot and, perhaps, frightened for Carrie McCrite or other characters as you read? Did you approve of the way problems were worked on and solved? Were you satisfied with the ending?

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