Journey To Die For

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What does a pocket full of buttons have to do with murder?

Henry's gift to Carrie for their eighth (month) anniversary is a journey on the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad's historic excursion train.  Destination?  Van Buren, Arkansas, a river town with a colorful past dating back to the early 19th Century.  But some of the people they see on the train arouse suspicion, and one of them ends up as a corpse on the bank of the Arkansas River--with a pocket full of tiny ivory-color buttons!  So begins another journey for the detecting pair, one that exposes traumatic events from Henry's past, and eventually takes the two of them to Kansas City and Henry's former life there as a police officer.  Will they catch a killer before more people die--including Carrie and Henry?  What makes people strong?  Is Carrie strong enough to take a bullet for one she loves?

Winner of the 2010 Silver Falchion award at Killer Nashville

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Boarding Arkansas and Missouri Excursion Train in Van Buren, Arkansas.


A delightfully clever novel that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Radine Trees Nehring's warm and believable characters are like good friends that I am happy to see again.  The Civil War history, train ride, antiques and diner food were icing on the cake!  I look forward to Carrie and Henry's next adventure.

--Earlene Fowlder, author of Love Mercy and State Fair

What a great mix for Carrie's latest adventure!  She and Henry have their hands full with suspicious characters aboard on excursion train, switched identities, Civil War treasures, stolen jewelry, rifled rooms, and a "safe house" incident.  Did I mention a dead body?  Radine Trees Nehring has given us another 'can't put it down' read."

--Joe David Rice, Arkansas Tourism Director



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In the opening pages, Carrie and Henry King are about to take the historic train ride from Springdale to Van Buren, Arkansas. Carrie is left alone (to her disgust) with a nosey busybody who rudely comments on how old she thinks Carrie looks, by saying Carrie and Henry look old enough to be retired. Carrie tells her no, she and Henry are not retired but are in fact private detectives.

“My how very unique. I guess you chase after people who owe money, spy on husbands, stuff like that. I know if Claude ever did-“ “No, Carrie interrupted, we chase after murderers.” Then she walked away, hoping Henry would never found out what she’d just said. Little did Carrie know how soon her words would come back to haunt her.

This is the first book I have read by author Radine Trees Nehring but it won’t be the last. I have to warn everyone who may buy this book; do not decide to read just a few chapters before going to bed. You will find you can’t stop. Your mind will not shut down as it will be filled with questions.

Who would have ever guessed the importance a handful of buttons would make in solving a murder investigation? I love the many twist and turns this book has. Just when you think you have the mystery solved, along comes something new and you are lost again. Dang, I hate it when that happens. But that is what makes a book good. This book is really good.

Plus, at the end of the book you will find some recipes mentioned in the book.

Excellent read for all.

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   The woman had been talking forever.

   Carrie looked at her watch and discovered “forever” was only about fifteen minutes, but in that time she’d heard more about the woman and her husband than any stranger ought to know. She also knew the couple had come to Arkansas on vacation mainly to ride the historic excursion train from Springdale to Van Buren. “We collect rides on real trains,” the woman explained.

   “Umhmm,” Carrie said. She was alone in her boredom. Henry had deserted her several minutes earlier, saying he wanted to watch the train’s engineer line up the cars to be used today. Claude, the woman’s husband, had left long ago to do the same thing.

   The woman took a breath and said, “Well, now. How about you? Are you and your husband retired? You look old enough to be retired. Claude and I are way too young to retire, but we’ll probably be unlocking the door of our business as long as we can toddle there. So, what did you retire from?”

   Carrie, suddenly feeling very wicked, said, “Oh, we’re not retired. We’re private detectives.”

   “My, how, uh, very unique. I guess you chase after people who owe money, spy on wayward husbands, stuff like that. I know if Claude ever—”

   “No,” Carrie interrupted, “We chase after murderers.” Then she walked away, hoping Henry never found out what she’d just said.

   “Board! All aboard!” the conductor said.

   When their turn to board came, Henry climbed up first and extended a hand down to her. The conductor hovered, waiting to give a judicious boost if such were required. “Golly these steps are high,” Carrie said. “They’re like I remember from when I rode the train home for college vacations all those years ago. You’d think by now....” She grasped Henry’s hand and swung up. The momentum rocketed her against him with a whump, and his free arm went around her.

   “Well, my dear, I think the reason these steps are as high as you remember is because this railway coach was built in the 1920’s, quite a few years before you went to college.”

   “Oh, well, um, yes. For goodness’ sake, let’s move on. People are waiting in line.”

   He released her and they went through the vestibule into the coach. “Where do you want to sit?” he asked.

   “Near the back. We’ll have more window space in front of us.”

   “Good. You take the window seat. I can see over your head.”

   Carrie dropped onto a green velvet double seat three rows from the back of the coach, then put her tote bag on the floor under her seat so Henry would have plenty of room.

   After a moment of silence she looked up at him. “My love, this is a great anniversary present. I’ve wanted to take this day-trip to Van Buren for ages, but never got around to it. I do feel a bit guilty though, since Eleanor, Jason, Shirley, and Roger have talked about wanting to make the trip too. Maybe we should have done it together.”

   “Nope,” Henry said, “we’re celebrating eight months of marriage on our own. Besides, the anniversary train ride was Eleanor’s idea in the first place.”

   Carrie grinned, said, “I must thank her,” and then turned to look out the window. “I wonder how long before we leave.”

   “Don’t know. The flyer said departure was eight o’clock, but there are still quite a few people out there waiting to board.”

   “Henry, look, look!” Her finger jabbed the window.” Isn’t that Chuck Dovish, the guy we watch on TV?”


   “You know, the one who does the ‘Exploring Arkansas’ program on Public Television. That’s gotta be him, black hair, mustache, and all. See? Over there, standing on the platform, talking to a man with a video camera.” She bounced in her seat. “Henry, I think we’re going to be on TV.”


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