"Solving Pecular Crimes is the most fun and satisfying collection of mystery stories I've ever read." - Marilyn Meredith, author of over 35 novels.

"A delicious baker's dozen of intriguing mysteries serving up crime-solving by Carrie, Henry, and their Ozarks friends." - Barbara Brett, author and publisher.

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Ozark Frost Flower-credit John Nehring

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Arkansas tales of mystery, love and adventure

Carrie and Henry come to the Ozarks on separate quests.  What they find is murder!

CLUE: The frost flower "blooms" in the Arkansas Ozarks after the first hard freeze. The frost flower also provides a critical clue to solving a murder in A VALLEY TO DIE FOR. More...

Carrie and Henry's special vacation is cancelled by kidnapping and murder.

CLUE:  In MUSIC TO DIE FOR the clue is a song!

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An Elderhostel at Hot Springs, Arkansas, is turned upside down when Carrie disappears in steaming water and Henry goes hunting.

CLUE:  Clue for A TREASURE TO DIE FOR is an old yearbook photo. More...
Carrie and Henry's wedding at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is threatened by a bombing , a murder, and a ghost bride wearing red.

CLUE:  Clue for A WEDDING TO DIE FOR is a ghost bride dressed in red. More...

Carrie gets cranky about camping with Henry and "the kids" until Catherine and Rob find danger in the caves of Arkansas's Buffalo National River.

Clue for A RIVER TO DIE FOR is a cloud of dust. More...
Carrie and Henry take a train ride into danger, deception, and death.

Clue for JOURNEY TO DIE FOR is a pocket full of buttons. More...

Thousands visit the War Eagle area of Arkansas expecting good things. Not hidden identities. Not murder.

Clues for A FAIR TO DIE FOR are wooden pull toys. More...

Art crime so well hidden that no one suspects--until Carrie McCrite and an aggressive reporter notice something odd in two portraits of twins.

Clue in A Portrait to Die For: A bouquet of daisies. More...

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